Mold of floor beam concrete spacer H8

Mold of floor beam concrete spacer H8 is made from PP plastic. The product is used to cast H-shaped concrete spacer. Depending on the design of the mold we choose, to make products of different heights. Types of H-shaped concrete spacer’ mold is suitable for steel layer (grade 2).

Mold of floor beam concrete spacers H8

This is a kind of concrete mold, which is used for concrete floor beam, with a steel layer spacing over 80mm.

The breaking load can withstand up to <3kN depending on the mixing grade.

Specifications about mold of floor beam concrete spacer H8

  • Product name: Mold of floor beam concrete spacer H8
  • Dimension specifications: 265*200*35
  • Materials: Good engineering plastic. Impact resistance, abrasion
  • Number of tablets / mold: 10 pills / mold
  • Delivery (small quantity): 100 molds (very good price)
  • Delivery (bulk): Contact for price 0962.125.910
Specifications of concrete block mold H8

Instructions for using concrete block molding

Our millet molds bearing the brand name “spacers” are trusted and widely used by customers across the country. Through the long time customers use our millet molds, they have commented that:

  • Flat mold, easy to remove mold.
  • High mold strength, good impact resistance, no grout.
  • Mold is effective and durable over time.

The way to use the mold of concrete spacer must be very flat, easy to remove, quite simple, but there are still some special secrets that we guide for customers who have our purchased. If you want to know more about product information, please call 0962.125.910.

Products are always available – Nationwide shipping

  • Concrete spacer mold H8 are manufactured daily, so goods are always available. The more you order, the cheaper the price. Recruitment agents nationwide.
  • Shipping – Delivery – Check goods – Payment. Four steps of reputable sales, guaranteed throughout the country.


Manufactory mold of floor beam concrete spacer has Address:

637 – Tao Luc 1 – Phu Tan – Thu Dau Mot – Binh Duong – Vietnam.

Phone number: 0962.125.910 (Wechat or Zalo)

Receiving production the mold of concrete spacer, according to the individual requirements of customers

In addition to the types of molds available. We have received to make molds according to the individual requirements of customers.

  • Design the size of concrete spacer as required;
  • Manufacturing the mold of concrete spacer according to customer’s own design;
  • Engrave logo and brand of customers on concrete spacer.


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