Process of producing concrete spacer

Concrete Spacer

Concrete Spacer – a product is made from synthetic cement mortar. How to cast product completely automatically. Bring quality and shape evenly to the entire product. The product is used to keep the steel floor in the same position as the design. Ensure a fixed distance between rebar and formwork.

However, in the previous period, construction works mainly used plastic spacer, self-molded spacer, etc. These types often have disadvantages:

  • Plastic spacer: Because the material is heterogeneous with the floor, it may lead to the appearance of gaps between the spacer and concrete around.
  • Self-molded spacer: Dimensions are often heterogeneous, high loss rate, low compression resistance, which is often broken. As a result, the spacer and rebar slide out of position. At the same time, it costs labor and time to mold the product.

Advantages of precast concrete spacer

To overcome the disadvantages when using the above products. Up to now, many company have produced concrete spacer fully automatically by machines at their factory. These products not only have basic advantages:

  • The design of thick concrete layer is intended to protect the reinforcement, to prevent corrosion from the external environment. Increase waterproofing.
  • The distance between rebar and formwork helps to limit cracking and sagging of floors.
  • Slows the melting of rebar at high temperature in case of fire.

But also bring quality, shape reached:

  • High precision, due to being cast by standard mold, ensure the right size.
  • Dimensions are clearly shown on the product.
  • Based on usage requirements, to choose products with the right shape and size.

Some pictures of the product

Products are currently used in most projects from small to large. Products manufactured and supplied to domestic and foreign markets, are very popular.

How to cast concrete spacer

Traditionally, in reinforced construction work, our bricklayer still use bricks, plastic spacer, stones, self-casting cement mortar, etc. to steel millet at roadworks. Thus, the difference in distance is quite possible, and that doesn’t conform to the construction standards.

Currently, this product is mainly manufactured with dimensions based on a standard mold. When combined with a concrete mixer, the product is compacted. Ensuring the product gets higher intensity when manual production. Dimensions are etched on the surface of the spacer right during the molding process.

Process of manufacturing concrete spacer


  • Concrete: compression resistance of concrete from M100, M200, M250, M300, M350, M400, M500, etc. Or you can use according to the compression resistance of concrete in your construction work. If you want to remove it faster, you can add some additives such as quick freezing (12 hours can remove mold).
  • Mold of concrete spacers: Plastic molds poured concrete floor beam are usually V1, V2, V3 for the lower steel layer, H6, H7, H8, H9, H10 for large steel on, etc. The concrete spacer is used for the column, using the versatile plastic mold 35/40/45/50 to cast.
  • Note: Use the manual operation a lot, so you should choose the mold size medium, making it easier to manipulate hands.


  • Mold release oil: In order to remove the spacer easily and ensure the durability of the mold, you can apply a layer of mold release oil on the surface of the mold. You can refer to the anti-stick mold oils such as: PV Modding Oil
  • Concrete vibrating table: If you want to cast concrete spacers in large quantities (by plastic molds), you should invest a concrete vibrating table to reduce human power, increase production efficiency and high stability. If you use it in the family, you can shake the concrete evenly by hand, to save investment costs.
  • Some other tools should have: Mold stacked shelves, water sprayer, containers for finished products, etc.

Process of manufacturing concrete spacer by plastic molds

  • Coating a layer of oil or anti-stick additives on the surface of the mold. Pour concrete into molds, you can shake or place on vibrating table. Move to the storage and maintenance area, wait for the concrete to solidify. Remove the mold to get the finished product. Washing the mold clean to preserve it for a long time. Watch the video tutorial below:

How to cast concrete spacer by plastic mold directly at roadworks

In fact, reinforced concrete spacers are constructed right by contractors at the roadworks, to ensure the quality of the spacer, as well as the progress of construction.

The casting of the spacers outside the roadworks is made simple, through plastic mold for casting the concrete spaces, based on the technical requirements of the design drawings.

Based on the design distance of shutter and steel structure, the bricklayer will choose the plastic mold with the corresponding size.

Where can you buy a reinforced Concrete Spacer mold?

Our unit specializes in manufacturing concrete spacers mold directly at the factory. We produce, plastic injection in Binh Duong and often distribute to domestic and foreign agents. See the Concrete Spacer molds here:

Types of spacer molds available:

  • Mold of floor beam concrete spacer 15/20, 20/25
  • Mold of versatile concrete spacer 35/40/45/50
  • Mold of A-shaped concrete spacer 60/70/80/90/100
  • Mold of H-shaped concrete spacer
  • Mold of vertical multi-dimension concrete spacer
  • Mold of horizontal multi-dimension concrete spacer

Get made Concrete Spacer as required

In addition to the types of spacer molds available. We receive to make molds according to customers’ requirements.

Our company develops based on a model that provides customers with a comprehensive solution from A to Z. We have many types of CNC machining machines for making molds. There are systems of plastic injection machines for mass production.

Therefore, we can support the maximum requirements of customers. We are committed to bring customers with satisfactory products, with very competitive prices in the market.

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If you want to know more about the product, please contact phone number: 0962.125.910 (Zalo), for more detailed advice.

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