Concrete Spacers. Types of concrete spacers molds

What are concrete spacers?

Concrete spacers are manufactured according to high intensity concrete standards. Through simple molding process (at roadworks) has also achieved the perfect size required by the drawing. Depending on the design of the drawing, we can choose the corresponding size mold, proceeding to produce concrete spacer to serve construction works.

The production of concrete spacer by plastic molds, based on the following materials:

  • Golden sand
  • Gravel
  • Cement
  • Clean water,…

The above materials should be graded according to certain concrete standards, to ensure uniformity and absolute quality in construction. At the same time, we can produce based on the standard mold size, combined with the compressive strength of the production machine, to achieve uniform size and quality standards.

You always want the works of perfect quality. You should replace the use of bricks and stones, by using molds to improve the quality of the constructions.

In the scope of construction works, attention should be paid to:

  • Concrete spacer must be fixed according to the approved drawing.
  • Before proceeding to pour concrete, you need to make sure the concrete spacer and the structure of constructions are fixed.
  • Attention should be paid to the lower layers and the sides of the concrete spacer in the correct position. Make sure to use according to the required number of drawings.

Advantages of concrete spacers:

  • When using a concrete spacer, the dimensions ensure accuracy, thickness and height in accordance with the calculation model.
  • Mold design with pre-printed size. When casting concrete spacer by the molds, size will be carved into the surface of the product. Eliminates the possibility of size confusion.
  • Increasing the ability to protect the reinforcement, which against the harmful effects of the environment.
  • High adhesion, no cracking phenomenon, between concrete spacers and surrounding concrete.
  • Slowing the reinforcement softening process, due to high temperatures (when a fire occurs).

Types of concrete spacers molds

Products are widely used in domestic and foreign markets. To satisfy the needs of the market, we have equipped with many types of molds for customers to easily choose.

We specialize in manufacturing concrete spacer molds directly at the plastic injection factory in Binh Duong.

Types of spacer molds available:

Get made concrete spacer as required:

In addition to the types of spacer molds available. We receive to make molds according to customers’ requirements.

We can support the maximum requirements of customers.

We are committed to bring customers with satisfactory products, with very competitive prices in the market.


If you want to buy reinforced concrete spacer, please contact: 0962.125.910 (Zalo). For more detailed advice.

Thank you!

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