Concrete spacer molds in Vietnam

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Concrete spacer molds in Vietnam – Quality products

Concrete spacer molds is manufactured directly at our factory, that are made in Vietnam. The main product is PP plastic.

The product ensures hardness and toughness, minimizing the breakage of the product during casting of concrete spacer. How to cast concrete spacer by a mold

Traditionally, in reinforced construction work, our bricklayer still use bricks, plastic spacer, stones, self-casting cement mortar, etc. to steel millet at roadworks.

Thus, the difference in distance is quite possible, and that doesn’t conform to the construction standards.

Currently, this product is mainly manufactured with dimensions based on a standard mold. When combined with a concrete mixer, the product is compacted. Ensuring the product gets higher intensity when manual production.

Dimensions are etched on the surface of the spacer right during the molding process.


Get made concrete spacer as required

In addition to the types of spacer molds available. We receive to make molds according to customers’ requirements.

  • Design the size of concrete spacer as required;
  • Manufacturing concrete spacer molds according to specific designs;
  • Engrave customers’ own logo and brand on concrete spacer;

How to cast concrete spacer by a plastic mold

Materials and tools

  • Concrete: Concrete grade from M400, M500, M600,… (most commonly M600), or you can use according to the concrete grade used in your construction. If you want to remove it faster, you can add some additives such as quick freezing (12 hours can remove mold).
  • Reference grade: 2000 sand, 1000 cement, 8 liters of superplasticizer (SILROAD SPR1500).
  • Mold of concrete spacers: Plastic molds poured concrete floor beam are usually V1, V2, V3 for the lower steel layer, H6, H7, H8, H9, H10 for large steel on, etc. The concrete spacer is used for the column, using the versatile plastic mold 35/40/45/50 to cast.
  • Note: Use the manual operation a lot, so you should choose the mold size medium, making it easier to manipulate hands.

Support tools

  • Mold release oil: In order to remove the spacer easily and ensure the durability of the mold, you can apply a layer of mold release oil on the surface of the mold. You can refer to the anti-stick mold oils such as: PV Modding Oil
  • Concrete vibrating table: If you want to cast concrete spacers in large quantities (by plastic molds), you should invest a concrete vibrating table to reduce human power, increase production efficiency and high stability. If you use it in the family, you can shake the concrete evenly by hand, to save investment costs.
  • Some other tools should have: Mold stacked shelves, water sprayer, containers for finished products, etc.

Process of manufacturing concrete spacer by plastic molds

  • Coating a layer of oil or anti-stick additives on the surface of the mold. Pour concrete into molds, you can shake or place on vibrating table. Move to the storage and maintenance area, wait for the concrete to solidify. Remove the mold to get the finished product. Washing the mold clean to preserve it for a long time. Watch the video tutorial below:

Is plastic concrete spacer mold mold durable?

Many people ask what is a concrete spacer mold made of plastic? Is it durable? Through this, we are pleased to answer this question for you, and guide you on the preservation process of plastic molds, so that you can use these products for the longest time possible.

  • Our plastic concrete spacer mold is made from 100% virgin PP resin, mixed with a special additive to increase the durability of the product.
  • This additive helps normal PP plastic not only withstand impact and environmental impact, but also withstand the impact of cement. Even so, this type of mold will be very durable if we use them properly, preserve them in the best way and vice versa.
  • Use and preserve plastic molds: Should limit cement to stick to the mold in the long run because it will be difficult to remove the mold later. Cover one layer with oil before pouring concrete and clean it cleanly after removing mold. When you are not using the product, you should put it in a cool place or soak in water.

Why should you choose our plastic concrete mold – Products are made in Vietnam?

Quality guarantee

  • Concrete spacer casting molds are manufactured directly in our factory. As a domestically produced product, we choose the most suitable material for the environment in Vietnam. Therefore, quality is always the top priority.
  • Supporting Vietnamese goods: The people are rich, the country is strong. Instead of buying Chinese goods, we hope you can support Vietnamese goods to develop together.

Reasonable price – diversity models

  • Because the goods are produced domestically, there is no import tax. Goods are shipped quickly and at low cost. Therefore, we always try to provide our customers with good quality products and cheaper prices than imported goods.
  • The model is designed based on actual requirements in Vietnam market. You buy products that can be applied in all regions of the country. Refer to the product categories and prices here.

Products are always available – nationwide delivery

  • Products are made daily to serve you, so you don’t need to worry about delivery or waiting too long. Just call us, we will prepare the product for you right away.
  • Nationwide delivery. Customers can choose fast shipping (3-4 days), or normal shipping (7-10 days).

Payment upon receiving the goods – change return goods for free

Customers who receive concrete spacer molds can inspect the goods. Customer pays the goods, if the goods are the same as described.

Contact information

If you want to buy reinforced concrete spacer, please contact: 0962.125.910

Thank you!

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