Concrete vibrating table – Vibrating table for creating concrete samples

Vibrating table for creating concrete samples is used in the casting of concrete samples. Advantages of vibrating table: Ensure the casting of the sample is evenly and sturdier.

Concrete vibrating table


As a device used for testing, determining the ability to separate water, mortar of fresh concrete mixture. Concrete vibrating table can work with all types of molds according to current standards.

The device has a fairly simple structure, the motor design generates vibration at the bottom. Overall, the device is very neat but no less powerful. In particular, the device is very easy to use.

Specifications of vibrating table

  • Size of vibrating table surface: 600mm x 900mm, 800mm x 800mm, 1000mm x 1000mm;
  • Vibration frequency: 2900 ± 100 rpm;
  • Vibration amplitude: 2 – 5mm;
  • Capacity: 1.1 KW;
  • Dimensions: 900 x 600 x 760mm, 800 x 800 x 460mm;
  • Source 220V/50Hz, 1 phase.

Instruction manual using vibrating table for creating concrete samples

  • The electrical system and the moving joints need to be thoroughly tested before putting the equipment into operation.
  • After the sample has been prepared according to the standards in the mold. The mold should be clamped onto a vibrating concrete table.
  • Then, open the power switch, press the start button to run the machine with the required operating time for each material.
  • To avoid problems, because we handle them not promptly. We need to always monitor and observe during equipment operation.
  • After we finish the process, we need to turn off the machine and remove the mold from the machine and clean them.

Warning when operating vibrating concrete table

  • Shouldn’t operate the machine with low voltage.
  • Should regularly monitor the status of the machine after each use.
  • Operating the machine must comply with the regulations when using.

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